City Office

City Office

An expanding business led to a move away from a home office to a suite of rooms in a serviced office block. The initial depression we all felt at the drab and unimaginative surroundings was quickly dispelled after a visit from Michele Worsley from Birdseyeview.

Michele very quickly established what was needed and reassured us with her professional and humerous approach to the situation in which we found ourselves. She seems to posses an amazing ability to "get inside our heads" and realise what it is that we are after!

Within 24 hours, the nondescript offices had begun to take on a vitality of their own.. Bold colours interspersed with lighter highlights and some colourful artwork breathed life and warmth into the once dreary spaces where we were to spend a good part of our lives.

We were thrilled with the end result and grateful for Michele's foresight and expertise

Di Sinclair, The Essential Dental Company Ltd

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