About Worsley Design

Michele Worsley, DesignerMichele Worsley of Worsley Design is an experienced professional with a wealth of knowledge & skill-sets from many different facets working within the building & design industries.

Formally Birdseyeview Ltd, Michele has been involved in the building industry since the late 1980s as a Designer, Project Manager & has an extensive portfolio working with both Residential & Commercial.

Passionate about colour & texture, her work constantly highlights the difference that the correct combination of the two makes.

Her idea's are created around comfort, superb materials, attention to detail and quality workmanship. Michele has the gift of working with her clients to create concepts that reflect their personality providing a background to their lifestyle and their budget.

Developing a seamless solution for all design challenges is the basis of her extensive portfolio that includes work for both the residential and commercial sector.

Michele inspires you with her fresh open approach and possesses the skills, experience and vision to guide you through the entire conceptual and design process of your project.


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